midrange.com News Server Access

midrange.com is very pleased to offer access to it's mailing lists via news reader (using the NNTP protocol).

Just about any news reader application will work fine.  News Readers that are known to work are: Thunderbird, Outlook Express, and Forté Agent

Access to the midrange.com news server is, however, controlled to prevent abuse.

To request access to the news server, do the following:

  1. Subscribe to the News-Access Mailing List mailing list hosted on midrange.com. This list is ONLY used to authenticate you to the news server. No discussion goes happens on the list. You will, however, get a monthly password reminder (the same as all midrange.com lists).
  2. When you have confirmed your subscription request, you will be given a password.
  3. Wait at least 15 minutes before attempting to access then news server (passwords are synchronized every 15 minutes).
  4. Configure your favorite news reader ...
    1. Use 'news.midrange.com' as the news server host.
    2. Use port 119 (default) the news server port.
    3. Use the email address you subscribed to the News-Access mailing list as the user id.
    4. Use the password provided when you subscribed to the News-Access mailing list as the password (Thunderbird users should check the "Always request authentication when connecting to this server" option).
  5. NOTE: You still need to be subscribed to the lists you access via the news server in order to post ... but you can disable mail delivery if you wish (see the wiki for information on how to disable mail delivery).
  6. Contact if you encounter any problems.